Tax Documents Online

Year End Tax Statements Available Online

Tax documents will now be available online. All tax documents will still be mailed to customers in January.

Tax documents will be available to the IRS Owner only.

Year-End Statements will be available from January 2nd through June 30th of each year.

Tax documents are only available for personal online logons.

Business tax documents with a business logon are not available online and will be mailed.

How to access Year End Statements

1. Login to online banking.

2. Under the Accounts Menu, hover over Statements, then click on View eStatements.

3. Once View eStatements has been selected the following page will appear with the Tax Documents button.

Tax Doc Screen 1

4. Select the Tax Documents button for a menu of tax documents available:

Select Tax Statements

5. Select a tax document on the left side to view. It will display on the screen to the right of the list as a PDF.

PDF files may be downloaded and printed.

Tax Doc Screen 3