Celebrating 90 Years

"Evergreen Federal Bank is pleased to celebrate our 90th Anniversary. As we look at our mutual story, we do so with appreciation of our customers who are the reason we have been able to make a positive difference.”
Jeff Hyde – Evergreen Federal Bank president and CEO

Our Mutual History

Chartered in 1934, Evergreen was founded by a small group of community-minded citizens. The country was emerging from the Great Depression. One-third of our nation’s banks had failed, wiping out the lifetime savings of many Americans. Grants Pass needed bank services. Economic recovery was dependent on families being able to buy homes, start businesses, and keep their money safe. Residents wanted a bank that would serve them locally, and 90 years ago, that small group of citizens obtained a mutual charter designed to do just that.

1934 - Evergreen was first located in the Grants Pass Josephine Bank, located on the corner of 6th and G St.
Photo right courtesy, the Josephine County Historical Society.

The original board of directors: James Christiansen, Sam H. Baker, Willis Balderree, W.E. Biddle, O.S. Blandchard, Chas R. Cooley, Herman Keibel, S.W. McQuat, J.H. Peters, Herman Schmidt, Evelyn Steele, and Earle R. Voorhies, held their first meeting on March 9, 1934. By June they had determined their lending policies and began providing financing for home loans. At that time, the average real estate loan was less than $1,000. The first office was on the second floor of the former Grants Pass and Josephine Bank, located on the corner of 6th and G Street.

Downtown Grants Pass

1963 - Evergreen built its first branch, the "One Eleven Building" in downtown Grants Pass.
Photo right courtesy, the Josephine County Historical Society.

In 1963, Evergreen built what was the premier building in Grants Pass. It is now known as the One-Eleven Building. During the following ten years, Evergreen grew from $12 million to $47 million in size. Under the board chairmanship of Robert C. Byrd, Evergreen purchased the building site at 969 SE 6th Street which remains the location of the home office to this day.

In 1987 Bob Thompson who served as president retired and was succeeded by Brady Adams. During this time, Evergreen sponsored numerous community events and public art displays throughout Grants Pass.


1971 - Brookings Branch opens.

1974 - Main Branch moves to current headquarters: 969 SE 6th St., Grants Pass
Photo right: Evergreen's Main Branch under construction.

1977 - Evergreen opens branches in Rogue River and Medford.

1978 - Evergreen opens Medford Branch.

1997 - Evergreen builds the North Grants Pass Branch.

Main Branch Construction

2003 - Evergreen originates Evergreen's BearFest public art project.
Photo right: BearFest Bear, "Mama Bear" by artists Kel Letvinchuck and Jon Peterman.

Originating with 23 lifesized fiberglass Bears, Evergreen launched our first BearFest public art display on the sidewalks of Grants Pass.

Throughout the years, Evergreen has worked with over 80 local artists to create over 186 BearFest Bears. Some of the bears have been auctioned to raise over $250,000 for local nonprofits, others can be seen at Evergreen's Bear Hotel Art Museum.

 BearFest small

2006 - Evergreen's builds the Evergreen Bear Hotel Art Museum in Grants Pass.
Photo right: Evergreen's Bear Hotel located at 2101 NE Spalding Ave., Grants Pass.

Located on NE Spalding Avenue, Evergreen's Bear Hotel Art Museum was built to serve as a community asset. It is home to Evergreen's BearFest Bears and a variety of interactive art displays that feature the beauty of Southern Oregon. Throughout the year Evergreen hosts events that benefit local nonprofits, promote tourism, foster economic development, and facilitate workforce training.

Evergreens Bear Hotel small 

2010 - Jeff Hyde becomes Evergreen's current bank president.
Photo right: Jeff Hyde (center) along with Evergreen's Kris Woodburn (left) and Boyd Elkins (right) present a $250,000 donation to the Asante Foundation Spears Cancer Center.

Jeff Hyde, who joined the bank in 1978, was born and raised in Grants Pass. Under Jeff’s leadership, Evergreen has made sizeable donations towards the expansion of emergency rooms, cancer treatment centers, and mental health resource services. He has overseen initiatives to provide affordable housing and taken the lead on projects that serve local youth.

Jeff Hyde Cancer Center

2024 - Evergreen builds and opens Southern Oregon's first fully solar-powered branch in Ashland.
Photo right: Evergreen's Ashland Branch located at 1001 W. Jackson Rd. 

Today, Evergreen continues to grow stronger than ever with 6 branches located in Grants Pass, Medford, Rogue River, Brookings, and our newly built, solar-powered branch in Ashland. Evergreen is known for both personal and business product offerings as well as being a leader in commercial and mortgage lending. Team Evergreen is comprised of 88 community-minded staff members who are dedicated to providing superior customer service.

Ashland Branch small


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