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Report to Our Members

For 89 years Evergreen has been making loans, encouraging thrift, and reinvesting in the communities we serve. We are proud of our ability to stay true to our Mutual charter mission. As Evergreen continues to grow stronger than ever, we look forward to continuing to serve Southern Oregon: by engaging with our customers locally, listening to their needs, and making a positive difference where they live.

In 2022 some of our highlights included:

  • Another profitable year increasing retained earnings to more than $72 million
  • Growing Evergreen to more than $633 million in assets
  • Another year ending with NO real estate owned through foreclosure
  • Helping our customers buy, build, and refinance their homes with more than $85 million in mortgage lending
  • Stimulating our local economy by originating over $68 million in commercial loans
  • Earning BauerFinancial's highest 5-Star rating of "Sustained Superiority Bank" 
  • Sponsorship of projects that benefit local schools and nonprofits as well as hositng events that have raised over $1 million for local nonprofits.

"Thank you for continuing to place your trust in Evergreen for your banking needs and for your support of what we have been able to do in our community."

- Jeff Hyde,

 Evergreen Federal Bank, Statement of Condition as of December 31, 2022


Loans $440,782,734
Cash on Hand and in Banks $41,579,560
Other Investments $122,635,308
Other Assets $28,936,546
Other Real Estate Owned  0
Total   $633,934,148


Checking Accounts   $256,072,321
Savings Accounts                 $308,517,386
Borrowing $800,000
Other Liabilities $3,816,147
Capital $64,728,294
Total $633,934,148


CAPITAL OCC Requirements Evergreen's Position
Community Bank Leverage Ratio 9.00% 11.09%
Core Capital 4.00% 11.09%


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