February 2, 2023

Evergreen Federal Bank helps raise $243,000 for local mental health

Evergreen Federal Bank is proud to have partnered with the 2022 Rogue Winterfest to raise over $243,000 for local mental health. “On behalf of Family Solutions, Kairos, and Options for Southern Oregon, we would like to thank Evergreen Federal Bank or their support,” states Rogue Winterfest director Gigi Ashley. “We could not do this without Evergreen’s dedication and generosity.”

This marks the 15th consecutive year that Evergreen has sponsored the Rogue Winterfest holiday festival and tree auction at Evergreen’s Bear Hotel. Throughout this time, they have been able to provide positive experiences for their community to enjoy while fundraising over $2.5 million for mental health services in the Southern Oregon.

Winterfest 2022


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