Evergreen’s Bear Hotel is a one-of-a-kind community asset that showcases Evergreen's community art projects.

A Community Asset

The Bear Hotel received its name during the production of Evergreen's most popular art project called "BearFest." Through BearFest, 187 fiberglass bears have been created by local artists. Nearly half of the bears created have been auctioned to raise over $250,000 for local nonprofits. The remaining bears are now part of Evergreen's permanent art collection that Evergreen displays on the sidewalks of Grants Pass each summer. When not on public display, the bears hibernate at Evergreen's Bear Hotel.

Throughout the year Evergreen hosts Customer Appreciation Events that transform the Bear Hotel into magical wonderlands. Customers are invited to bring their family and friends to Evergreen events – at no charge. Evergreen's most recent project called "The Southern Oregon Adventure" lets visitors experience the beauty of Southern Oregon without ever leaving the Bear Hotel.

Evergreen’s Bear Hotel

Evergreen's Bear Hotel is located at 2101 NE Spalding Avenue, Grants Pass, OR 97526

Tours of the Bear Hotel are available Monday through Friday by appointment at no charge.

To schedule a tour, call us at 541-479-3351 and ask for Evergreen's Bear Hotel.

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